About Us

Craftic Arts is an online archive where you will be able to get a vast gather of traditional & exclusive hand made products include ceramic & paintings, local music instruments, fashion cloths, jute or paper works and more variety of choices. You may find some talents and creative people in different parts of Bangladesh where ever you go but they are not well judged practically compare to their t alent. Though the people are really dedicated to adding value to your life but they are still struggling with their own. Belongs from a developing country like Bangladesh they are still fighting for their basic rights for survival. They are really strugling to keep their exist around us. The world is becoming a global village in recent time but still there some people who are highly neglected. Life means nothing special to them.

Craftic Arts committed to stay beside these people by encouraging and promoting their talents. The initiative of Craftic Arts is to accumulate and make a productive network among those people so that they can get a benefit out of that. Beside this Craftic Arts specifies their Moto to encourage, support and promote these people that can make a hope for life. Craftic Arts will be adding value to their creativity to promote them globally. Our little initiative is to support thousands of people of Bangladesh who are struggling to keep their age old tradition and trend alive and to promote Bangladesh as a land of artistic beauty.