Handcrafted Soap-Cinnamon Clean


This bar of natural soap is handcrafted by women in the  red-light district who have made a clean break from their previous lifestyle and have chosen soap making as an alternative source of income.

Ingredients:Coconut oil,Palm oil,Cinnamon essential oil, Catechu(Colorant) and Cinnamon(exfoliate)
Product Code: SS01
Weight: 100gm
Made in Bangladesh
100% Halal



Our soap
Our luxurious soaps are handmade from 100% natural ingredients and colorants. The primary oils we use in our soaps are coconut and palm oil. The coconut oil provides moisturizing properties as well as lather. The palm oil pairs well with the coconut oil creating a stable. Long-lasting bar of soap. Our soaps are mildly scented with pure essential oils.

We use a cold-process to create wholesome soaps in small batches, ensuring the best of quality. After the soap is made, we cut and trim it by hand.

We trust that you: experience with these unique bars of soap will have you.